Raphael Kirsten Husbando

Raphael Kirsten
Original Name
ラファエル キルステン
Romaji Name
Place of Origin
Leicester Alliance
Date of Birth
May 18th
190.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 16490
Like # 20468
Trash # 7267

Raphael is the son of a Leicester merchant family, but was orphaned after a monster attack killed his parents in 1177. Two years later, he sold his family estate, closed their merchant business, and resolved to become a knight. Friendly, optimistic, and straightforward, Raphael is a simple man who lives life day-by-day in a casual, easygoing manner. Despite the tragedy of his parents' death, he has maintained his cheerful demeanor. His main aspirations are to become a knight and will do anything to become one. As a result, he is highly impressionable to people who claim that simple matters will lead him to knighthood, such as improving his manners because Ingrid mentioned that knights must be clean and tidy. He is not the most academically gifted of his classmates, but shows up for class, if only out of obligation as a student. Rather, Raphael would prefer spend his time training himself to become stronger. He takes great pride in his physique and enjoys sparring and weight training with others. To compensate, he has a voracious appetite and is known to carry mountains of food for him to bulk up. While he is perfectly content with eating the recommended grains and vegetables, he adores meat. He has a close relationship with his younger sister whom he often corresponds with and is his last remaining family. He is particularly doting on her, collecting and making trinkets for her, even willing to run across Fódlan just to get her something she may like. Raphael's kindness seems to even surpass his love for food, as he'll refuse to accept Ignatz's leftovers, since he'll get all dizzy if he doesn't eat enough. Due to being a commoner, Raphael doesn't understand why Crests are important to society, though he doesn't care as he believes that training is more important.

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