Reinhard Van Astrea Husbando

Reinhard Van Astrea
Original Name
Romaji Name
Rainharuto van Asutorea
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
184.00 cm
70.00 kg
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Reinhard van Astrea is the current Sword Saint and a member of the Royal Guard, being the very strongest "weapon" the Kingdom has in its arsenal. During the events of Arc 3, he pledged himself to serve as Felt's knight and fully support her throughout the Royal Selection. Debuting in Arc 1, Reinhard played a key role in overcoming the first major obstacle standing in Subaru's way- the northern assassin, Elsa Granhiert. While being almost completely absent from the following three arcs, he returned and played a pivotal role in Arc 5, being one of the key figures in defeating the Witch Cult's Sin Archbishops and retaking the Watergate City of Priestella. Reinhard stands at exactly six feet tall, making him several inches taller than Natsuki Subaru. His most striking feature is his distinct flaming red hair that shines as brightly as Felt's crimson eyes. His sparkling blue eyes portray a sense of confidence and recklessness. His slender frame features an array of well-toned muscles, although they're usually hidden by his clothing. The Sword Saint exuded an aura of gallantry, and, at a first glance, he gave off an intimidating air that indicated him as someone who is above the norm. His extraordinarily handsome face, beyond average looks and his open, calming and approachable personality makes him very popular with people, which catches the eye of many women, further exemplifying his magnificence. As a member of House Astrea, Reinhard's flaming red hair and sky blue eyes were traits passed down from the first Sword Saint Reid Astrea, and, in Reinhard's case, inherited from his father Heinkel Astrea. However, the visual similarities between Reinhard and his father more-or-less ended there. Instead, many of Reinhard's features were taken from his inhumanly beautiful mother Louanna Astrea. The two of them share the same jawline, cheek bones, nose, and eye shape. Felt once commented on the striking visual similarities between Reinhard and the Sleeping Beauty. Reinhard's casual attire is nearly as regal as the uniform he can be usually seen wearing as a member of the Kingdom's Royal Guard. It consists of a well-made black shirt that he also wears as part of his uniform, white trousers with lilac cuffs, black shoes, black gloves, and a double-breasted white long coat with a cutaway front, rolled cuffs, lapels, and lilac lining. The crest of the House Astrea can be seen proudly pictured on the upper part of Reinhard's left sleeve, and a black belt is fastened tightly around his waist. With it, Reinhard fastens his esteemed Dragon Sword Reid, whenever he has to go out. As the Sword Saint and the Knight of the Royal Guard, Reinhard acts with a high degree of chivalry and elegance, addressing everyone with a unnaturally high level of respect. He is fair, clean, brave, and willing to go out of his way in the name of justice no matter if he's in the line of duty or simply strolling through the Royal Capital. He is known as a "knight among knights", and is widely trusted among the people of Capital City of Lugunica. As a knight, Reinhard only uses his sword when necessary, since, in addition to being a rule, his iron-clad rule is to not inflict pain to others if not absolutely necessary, be it a normal thug or a member of the Witch Cult. Having said that, when Reinhard is truly needed, he swiftly deals with every threat in a matter of seconds. Most of the times, his presence and name alone is enough to send normal thugs running away. He mentioned that his specialty is fighting monsters, but his power is so great that upon unleashing just one of his attacks, Subaru already considered him another monster. Reinhard considered this as an offensive comment, implying that he does not like being judged as someone dangerous even when he has good intentions. Despite not being fond of being referred to, with degrading titles and nicknames, Reinhard is a daily target of scorn and annoyance for his fellow members of the Felt Camp, including Felt, Ton, Chin and Kan. Despite that, he always brushes it off with a gentle smile, which usually pisses the group even more, subjecting the knight to even more scorn than before. Despite such unfriendly relationships, however, Reinhard is always prepared to go an extra mile and help them out when in trouble, even when they don't explicitly ask for it. As their mentor and knight, however, Reinhard can also be pretty stern. Chin, for example, will refrain from using his Fire Magic to call Reinhard as, if the Sword Saint doesn't deem the situation dire, he will not hesitate to scold him and apprehend him if necessary. This strict attitude is often aimed at his mistress as well. Reinhard expressed dissatisfaction and even anger, on multiple occasions, such as when Felt carelessly entered the room where Louanna Astrea sleeps, in the Astrea Manor located in the Royal Capital. He is always looking for a way to solve things, even to the point of giving a Sin Archbishop the opportunity to surrender while hoping he will not have to take extreme measures, such as being forced to kill him. In his fight against Regulus, he even went as far as asking him to stop and leave the city, even after the Sin Archbishop had already killed him and decimated everything in their vicinity. He also respects the decision of his friends despite the fact that sometimes they criticize him for engaging in matters that do not correspond to him. Due to his unparalleled strength, however, Reinhard is usually the one people turn to, when trouble calls, no matter what their relationship with him is. Although hesitant, Reinhard was willing to practice lethal force on his opponents in the event it was absolutely necessary. An example of this was when he killed the Imperial spy Miles for trying to escape the Kingdom atop a Flying Dragon after Reinhard had ordered him to disembark. Despite the role his paternal grandparents played in the Demi-Human War, as well as the general anti-demi-human policy employed by citizens of Lugunica, Reinhard held no discrimination against those of half-beast ancestry. As a five year old child, Reinhard was a very sweet and timid kid, stuttered a lot, easily got shocked or surprised. As he deeply loved his father, he was willing to do everything in his power to help him, even going as far as obtaining a Divine Protection of Mind-Changing, in order to help Heinkel convince Marcos Gildark to re-join the Royal Knight Order, however, after the Astrea Manor was attacked by a group of men led by then-14-year-old Roswaal L Mathers, Heinkel pleaded to Reinhard to never use the Divine Protection again. The five year old boy fell in a state of shock and immediately locked off and erased his newly gained Divine Protection. Considering his monstrous power, however, Reinhard–even as a five year old boy–was easily capable of sending shivers down grown and battle-hardened men's spines, by simply looking into their eyes and voicing a demand with a somewhat intimidating voice.

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