Rokusuke Kōenji Husbando

Rokusuke Kōenji
Original Name
高円寺 六助
Romaji Name
Kōenji Rokusuke
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
April 3rd
181.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 13668
Like # 17338
Trash # 6277

Rokusuke is a well-built young man of above average height with straight shoulder-length blonde hair and brown eyes. He is often seen wearing the standard school uniform.Rokusuke comes across as arrogant, self-entitled, and overconfident, no doubt due to his family's wealthy status and pedigree. When he was first introduced, he speaks to Kikyō Kushida with a contemptuous and sarcastic gentleman-like way of speaking while refusing to move from his position even though there was an elderly lady in need of a seat. Rokusuke's egotistical and pompous nature and his inability to work with others can be a foil as it is what landed him in D-Class in the first place but he appears to not pay it any mind. He looks down on his classmates as shown when he taunted Ken Sudō about his imminent possible expulsion after his fight with C-Class. His self-inflated view of himself was further shown when on the cruise, he repeatedly complimented his looks in a mirror and when he refused to dry himself since it was menial work unworthy of him, causing onlookers to scorn at his blatant narcissism. Unsurprisingly, Rokusuke has a self-serving and vainglorious nature as he later abandoned his class during the survival test so that he would not have to participate in it which caused the class to lose points. He showed no remorse in and after the act, revealing how selfish he can truly be at times. In some aspects, he is quite similar to Kiyotaka where he doesn’t like to be disturbed and treasure his own personal time. He also couldn’t care less of what others thinks of him nor does he care what happens to them as long as nothing happens to him. Unlike the other students in his class, he does not worry himself about earning points as his family can simply buy them for him. Rokusuke's personality and abilities allows him to be completely unaffected by any sort of attack or threat as he just laughs it off or turns the tables around on his attackers.

arrogant blonde hair brown eyes fair skin long hair sarcastic school uniform slicked back hair student teen thin eyebrows shoulder-length hair
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