Roswaal J Mathers

Roswaal J Mathers
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Roswaal J Mathers, formerly known as Julia, was the grandmother of Roswaal L Mathers, the mother of Roswaal K Mathers, and the head of the Roswaal House two generations before Roswaal L Mathers. Like previous generations, she had heterocromatic eyes, with the left eye being yellow and the right eye being blue. Her long straight indigo hair was partially tucked behind her left ear and reached down past her shoulders. Roswaal's skin was as fair as porcelain and her bust was considerably large. Despite the fact that this iteration of Roswaal wore little makeup, her astounding beauty was still enough to captivate men. Although her clothing was fairly different from previous and succeeding generations, she still stayed true to the general taste maintained by every Roswaal. Her ensemble, that was a uniform of sorts in deference to the Demi-Human War that was ongoing at the time, consisted of a pair of long black boots, white tights, a white long-sleeved shirt, and a purple jacket with golden lining and rolled cuffs that was worn over the shirt, essentially obscuring the white garment from view. Her cleavage was not covered by the shirt nor the jacket, essentially meaning that it was exposed. Like her grandson, Roswaal wore a long black cloak that nearly trailed along the ground and had a red interior.

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