Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose
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Ruby Rose is the main protagonist of RWBY. She is a Huntress, having been trained at the now-defunct Beacon Academy. Ruby's weapon of choice is her High-Caliber Sniper-Scythe known as Crescent Rose, which she designed herself. Ruby first appeared in the "Red" Trailer visiting the grave of her mother, Summer Rose. After an invitation from Professor Ozpin following a short battle with Roman Torchwick, Ruby attends Beacon Academy in order to become a Huntress. During her time at Beacon, Ruby became a member and the leader of Team RWBY, consisting of herself, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and her own elder half-sister, Yang Xiao Long. However, following the Fall of Beacon, Ruby travels to Haven Academy as a member of Team RNJR with the remaining members of Team JNPR. After the Battle of Haven, Team RWBY is reunited again and they continue to participate in the war against Salem and her forces. Following a battle with Neopolitan in the Central Location, Ruby was dropped into the void by Cinder Fall. Her current status is unknown. Original Outfit (Volumes 1–3) During her time attending Beacon Academy, she wears a black long-sleeved blouse with a high collar and red trim on the sleeves, over which is a black waist cincher with red lacing up the front, and a matching skirt with red lining. She also wears a pair of thick black stockings and black combat boots with red laces, red trims around the top, and red soles. During her time attending Beacon Academy, she wears a black long-sleeved blouse with a high collar and red trim on the sleeves, over which is a black waist cincher with red lacing up the front, and a matching skirt with red lining. She also wears a pair of thick black stockings and black combat boots with red laces, red trims around the top, and red soles. Post-Timeskip Outfit (Volumes 4–7) After the time-skip following the Fall of Beacon, her hair has grown slightly longer that maintains the color gradation from black at the roots to red at the tips and her new design sports a white high-neck décolletage blouse with brown studded wristbands on the arms. Her outfit retains the use of a black skirt with red tulle underneath, somewhat similar to her original outfit, but her waist cincher has been replaced with an overbust corset with red strip holding it in place. A black belt bordered in red holds the magnetic clip for Crescent Rose and its ammunition. She also has brown straps on her blouse that allow her to wear a small brown backpack. In lieu of her usual full black stockings, Ruby wears thigh-high stockings reaching to a few inches below the hem of her skirt, decorated by an image of a long-stemmed rose. Her red-soled black boots contain four straps and buckles apiece. Her cloak has a singular clip on the right shoulder in the shape of her emblem, replacing the cross-shaped clips from her original attire. Both the cloak and the stockings show tears from hard wear. Atlas Outfit (Volume 7-Current) After arriving in Atlas and meeting with James Ironwood, Ruby's hair becomes spikier and choppier. She has a new outfit, comprised of a black red lined lace-up corset with four buckles hanging loose over a mesh sleeveless top over a white low cut long-sleeved blouse, as well as a black choker around her neck. She wears a red pleated skirt that is split at the side with a small brown belted strap across the gap, and bright red shorts under it. On her arms, she wears black bracers with large brown buckled straps around the wrist as well as black fingerless gloves. Around her waist, she now has a brown belt with several bullets with a buckle of her emblem on it alongside a pouch on the right side with a Zwei based emblem and she wears black, thigh-high steel-toe boots with red soles and heels, a single buckled strap, rear seam and a large brown buckled strap with attached pouches near the top, over a pair of brown mesh tights. In addition, her torn cape is replaced with a new cape that has a hood as shown in Pomp and Circumstance. Personality: Ever since she was little, Ruby has had a romanticized view of the Huntsman profession. She is quick to reveal she wanted to become a Huntress in order to be like the great heroes in fairy tales, and she has described being one as far more "romantic" than being a police officer. Her mentality is described as "I don't have time for my emotions. I've gotta make sure that everybody else is okay."[13] Lindsay Jones claims Ruby's mentality is "selfless, but that means she's not dealing with her own issues. Compartmentalizing and internalizing her grief is what might eventually destroy her." She has also shown a distinct lack of ability to pick up social cues due to being a very open and honest person. This results in her inability to pick up Weiss' sarcasm in the "The Shining Beacon" and her struggling to act formally in "It's Brawl in the Family". Ruby is a self-proclaimed dork when it comes to weapons; she is quite intelligent, having designed and built Crescent Rose during her time at Signal, although she admits to going "a little overboard" with its design. She feels that seeing new weapons "is like meeting new people, but better." Oum has said she relies on Crescent Rose quite often in battle, which implies that her weapon is the source of her confidence in battle. Ruby has a strong sense of moral justice, a trait she obtained from stories about heroes and monsters that her sister used to read for her, as well as the way her parents raised her. These stories are what gave her the ideals that she wished to live by and uphold throughout her life, and are the reason for her love for books. Because she is shown to be childish even when in class, she tends to study by herself to cover the necessary knowledge. Ruby is shown to be naïve, as although she doesn't like to be the center of attention, becoming a Huntress would effectively put her in the spotlight. In addition to her dislike of attention, Ruby prefers to either be alone or with Yang. However, she has become comfortable around Team RWBY and Team JNPR. She does not lack social skills, but has problems when meeting new people. This is mostly because of her childish nature and lack of social grace, as she can be bad-mannered (only out of ignorance) and sometimes speaks without thinking. However, because of her enthusiastic personality, she can become very good friends with people who share her enthusiasm. Despite this, Ruby's leadership skills make her a worthy teammate. While she may occasionally act without thinking, sometimes she seems to understand the situation better than most. She can then use this ability to quickly formulate plans. This was seen during Team RWBY's battle with the Nevermore, in which her teammates' positions allowed her to come up with a successful plan. Ozpin most likely assigned Ruby as team leader to ensure that she grows as an individual. This proves to be the case as she becomes a resourceful and dependable leader who studies so hard and so late, she falls asleep in the middle of the task, all to impress her teammate Weiss. She was also able to pass her beliefs as leader to Jaune Arc, thus helping him find a new sense of responsibility for the safety and well-being of his own team. Ruby is also shown to care for all her teammates equally, despite their background. This is seen in how she expresses sympathy for Weiss' bad childhood after she explains her family's history with the White Fang, before showing the same concern moments later for Blake Belladonna when she runs away, having let slip her prior involvement with the group, and by extension indirectly revealing that she was a Faunus. Ruby's concern is further expressed in her desperate search for her teammate. This sense of care is later shown not to be limited to her teammates. She also shows some worry for Penny, telling the latter to stay out of the fight between Roman Torchwick, Blake Belladonna, and Sun Wukong. Although Ruby has no trouble interacting with her friends, she does have trouble actually making them, and once admits that seeing new weapons "is like meeting new people, but better". This could have been a result of her having been accepted two years earlier to Beacon Academy, which forces her to leave her friends at Signal behind, as well as interact with people that are both older and more experienced than she is. Regardless, both she and Jaune Arc toast to being socially awkward during the Beacon Dance. In the second chapter of the manga, it is revealed that Ruby originally had enochlophobia, a fear of large crowds, as shown when she freezes up during a sparring match against Cardin Winchester. However, she manages to work through that fear with some encouragement from her teammates long enough to win the spar, and by the Vytal Festival, she has overcome them entirely. Ruby also has a sweet tooth, preferring five sugars in her coffee and scarfing down a large plate of cookies in "Ruby Rose". She is even seen with a plate of cookies in "Jaunedice", while her friends are eating more nutritious meals. This is shown again in "Alone Together", where Ruby rejoices and accepts coffee after learning Weiss put "blasphemous amounts of cream and sugar" in it. In combat or dangerous situations, she is shown to be quite impulsive and battle eager, such as when she attacks a Death Stalker upon seeing it before learning of its high resistance to bullets and blades. This trait contrasts with her adaptability, for she is quite capable of forming attack plans with others in order to take down stronger foes, such as the Nevermore in "Players and Pieces" and Roman in the Atlesian Paladin-290 in "Painting the Town...". After her discussion with Ozpin in "The Badge and The Burden, Pt.2", Ruby begins to take her role as leader of Team RWBY seriously. However, future instances of recklessness are when none of her teammates are near her, such as in the "Battle of Beacon" when she goes alone to engage Roman and Neopolitan, who both outnumbered and outmatched her. Ruby has been shown to be ruthless at times when it comes to protecting her loved ones, such as when she nonchalantly cuts off Tyrian Callows' stinger in "Punished" after he manages to injure and poison Qrow Branwen. This is most likely a side effect of the traumas she experienced during the Fall of Beacon. In "Lost", Ruby further develops as a leader whenever she and her friends find themselves in trouble. This is evident when she directs the group when they are attacked on the Argus Limited and when she stands up to Qrow after he turns down Jaune's proposed idea of stealing a military airship to get to Atlas. In "Dark" Blake recounts that Ruby's determination and optimism is something that has always inspired her, and she continues to look up to her despite being older. Despite her stance on not keeping secrets from her teammates and friends, Ruby has done so to others. In "A New Approach", after James Ironwood inquires on what happened to Ozpin, Ruby lies, stating that she does not know what happened, despite the fact that it was her group's actions that led to his disappearance. She also states that the questions for the Relic of Knowledge were all used up, which is the same thing Ozpin said that led to them turning on him in the first place. These acts, along with Yang and Blake leaking classified information on the Amity Communications Tower to Robyn Hill, eventually result in Ironwood losing trust in them. She also has a tendency on not backing down from a fight no matter the odds, which while admirable, can also be detrimental. In "Punished", she refuses to listen to Qrow to stay out of his fight with Tyrian as she would only get in the way, which leads to him having to protect her and leaving him open to be poisoned by Tyrian. This flaw is highlighted in her stance against Ironwood. In "Gravity", when Ironwood declares his intent to use the Relic of Creation to raise Atlas due to Salem personally coming, Ruby refuses the plan, as doing so would leave Mantle in danger. Although she and her group prevent Ironwood from carrying out the plan, this later caused both cities to be in danger when Salem landed Monstra on the island in "Midnight". Ultimately, Ruby's choices can weigh heavily on her when her plans fail or her team becomes divided. When depressed or under intense pressure, she requires the same emotional support she often provides to her friends, despite constantly trying to keep up a brave face and a positive outlook as team leader. In "Dark", Ruby became overwhelmed and blamed her actions for leading to their situation, until she was reassured by Blake. She ended up breaking down in "Risk" due to the worsening situation, both her and Yang's plans ended up not working, and realizing what Salem may have possibly done to her mother after seeing the core of The Hound. However, Yang pointed out that, while Ruby's optimism and determination had occasionally been blind, it was also necessary in many situations, to provide the team with hope when they took risks. Thanks to her sister's reassurance, Ruby has regained her resolve to save the people of both Atlas and Mantle. Weapon: Ruby's weapon of choice is Crescent Rose. Ruby is self-admittedly obsessed when it comes to weapons, which shows in her complex design and craftsmanship of her weapon, a High-Caliber Sniper-Scythe which she designed herself at Signal, as well as her eye for detail when observing other people's weapons and tools. Semblance: Ruby's Semblance, Petal Burst (also known as Speed), allows her to dash with an inhuman speed in whatever direction she chooses, often leaving trails of rose petals in her wake. It is later revealed by Penny in "Strings" that Ruby's Semblance allows her to disassemble herself at a molecular level and reassemble at a chosen location, negating her mass.

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