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Ruti Ragnason
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Ruti Ragnason formerly known as the Hero, is a character in Banished from the Hero's Party series. Ruti is Red younger sister and possessor of the divine blessing of the Hero, humanity's strongest blessing. She was extremely attached to her brother, Red and always clung to him when the two were younger. Before he left the party, Red used to dote on his cute sister. After Ares' betrayal and death, she officially abandoned her post as the Hero and decided to live with Red at Zoltan as an employee of her brother's shop and a B-Rank Adventurer though she is not the Hero anymore. Ruti is a young girl with medium long blue hair. She usually wears a knights armor with a blue dress. She also wears black knee socks with either heeled boots or flat shoes. Unlike many in her party expressing their emotion, she remains calm since she has an immunity skill to suppress her emotions and is sometimes cold towards her party members, especially toward Ares after she secretly found out that it was him who banished her Red from her party. However she is welcoming to the new members to her party such as Tisse since she knows she is innocent and devoted to fight against the Demon but demands Tisse to follow her order not Ares. She is happy and loves her brother much since he helped her smile and get along with her party members but unfortunately without her Red supported for her party, she become the de facto leader of the Hero's party with authoritarian way since most of her members, especially Ares, feared and respected her because of her blessing and her superior fighting skill. It also given us a hinted from their childhood story that she had a brother complex which is so strong to cause her to quit as the Hero due to Ares' betrayal and later death. Ruti revealed she never wanted/dreamed to become a hero.

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