Ryo Yamada

Ryo Yamada
Original Name
Romaji Name
Yamada Ryō
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
September 18th 2000
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Ryo Yamada is one of the main characters in the manga and anime series, Bocchi the Rock!. She is in her second year at Shimokitazawa High School and is the bassist of the band, Kessoku Band. She works a part-time job at the live house STARRY with Nijika Ijichi. She has an androgynous appearance and a mysterious atmosphere, such as silence and expressionlessness. She often fascinates women, including Ikuyo Kita, who falls in love at first sight. Ryo has short blue hair with two black square hair clips on the right side of her bangs and yellow eyes, with a mole on her left cheek. Ryo's uniform consists of a collared white shirt, a dark blue skirt, maroon or brown loafers, dark grey tights and a matching long sleeved blouse as well as a black bolo tie. This outfit is similar to most Japanese school uniforms (seifuku). Despite her expressionless exterior, Ryo is an eccentric girl with a mischievous sense of humor, coming across as a person who likes to mess with others. She's fairly tactless and is happy to be called a weirdo. She is quiet and has few friends, but unlike Bocchi, prefers to spend time alone. She has a tendency to make up excuses to get out of social activities, but Nijika sees through them every time. Despite her reserved nature, Ryo enjoys showing off her bass playing skills whenever possible. Ryo has encyclopedic knowledge about her interests and becomes very talkative about them when given the opportunity. Ryo is shown to be an inconsistent student and temporarily forgets her musical knowledge when she studies for upcoming exams. She also has very strong opinions on how bands should present themselves, and encourages Bocchi to write genuine lyrics for Kessoku Band's material. Although her parents run a hospital and are very wealthy, she spends most of her pocket money on musical instruments. This has led her to borrow money from others up to the point where she even eats weeds when she can't afford food on her own. The reason she took interest in rock was to get her constantly doting parents to think she went down the wrong path and leave her alone. Ryo is a huge fan of SICK HACK, seen expressing excitement toward Kikuri Hiroi's drunken antics on stage.

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