Saki Kawasaki

Saki Kawasaki
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October 26th 1999
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Saki Kawasaki is a student at Sobu High School and is in class 2-F. Hachiman describes her as being a loner. Saki is a teenage girl of above average height and slender build. She has long, pale blue hair that reaches down to her waist and short choppy bangs. Her eye color is inconsistent between seasons; they are emerald green in Season 1 and pigeon blue in Season 2. She has a beauty mark underneath her right eye. Hachiman noted that her legs looked as if they were made for kicking. Saki appears cold and distant to others. She can be curt, stubborn and frank. She avoids small talk and doesn't like to talk with others, especially about her personal issues. Saki seems like a delinquent who is always late for class, dresses poorly, and is impolite to others. Saki can appear aggressive to some, both in defence of herself and when being "polite". Saki's aggressiveness stems from the fact that she can't express herself properly, and just plain social clumsiness.

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