Airi Sakura

Airi Sakura
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October 15th
153.00 cm
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96.00 cm
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Airi Sakura is one of the heroines of the You-Zitsu series. First appeared as a student of Class 1-D in Advanced Nurturing High School, she is also a former gravure idol with the stage name Shizuku. Airi is a teenage girl of average height with waist-length pink hair tied in low twin pigtails and swept bangs on the left side. She has gradient blue eyes and a well-endowed figure, comparable to that of Honami Ichinose. If she were as confident as Honami, her popularity could have been on the same tier. Airi is considered highly attractive, having received advances from a sales clerk and several classmates. Airi wears red glasses, which Kiyotaka Ayanokōji later reveals to be fake. After an incident where she was assaulted, she abandoned her glasses in favor of showing her true self, but kept them nonetheless. Outside of school, Airi wears a white shirt with red sleeves and blue pants. She has also been seen wearing a rash guard swimsuit at the pool. Airi is known for her shy and quiet demeanor, often preferring to stay in the background. This is evident when she struggles to confess that she witnessed Ken Sudō’s brawl with the students of C-Class, or when she finds it difficult to discuss the advances made on her by a sales clerk while fixing her camera. Despite her social anxiety, as seen during her nervousness around her class at the pool, she possesses an exceptional ability to read others. This was demonstrated when she detected Kikyō Kushida’s hidden malicious personality. Airi enjoys taking self-portraits, always appearing cheerful in her photos. However, this does not stem from narcissism but rather from the praise she receives from anonymous strangers. She also shows enthusiasm in photographing Kiyotaka and admires his cool demeanor. Her digital camera is precious to her, and she was distraught when it needed repairs after a fall. Following a traumatic experience with a stalker and her subsequent rescue by Kiyotaka, she decided to reinvent herself by discarding her glasses and embracing the attention she attracts. Despite being self-conscious about her body, as seen when she chose to wear a rash guard instead of a revealing swimsuit like other students, Airi has done several photo shoots in a bikini. Her admiration for Kiyotaka deepened due to his motivating advice and his promise to help her whenever needed. This admiration eventually turned into romantic feelings, which were evident when she nervously tried to explain their relationship to Honami. During the school cruise, Airi was seen practicing confessing her feelings to Kiyotaka and asking him out on a date. However, his sudden arrival on the deck startled her and made her change her mind. On the Deserted Island, an incident where Kiyotaka grabbed her arm and held her tightly against his body caused her to blush out of embarrassment. In Volume 6, Airi overcame her fear of socializing and requested to join the Ayanokōji Group. She even went out for a movie with them and became close friends withHaruka Hasebe, who understood her feelings towards Kiyotaka and teased her about it. Despite her typically shy demeanor, Airi has made strides in becoming more assertive and self-assured, particularly in Kiyotaka’s presence. In the Second Year, Volumes 4 and 5, she chose to wear a more revealing bikini when they decided to go to the pool, a significant change from their first year. She expressed to Kiyotaka her determination to improve herself so as not to be a burden to the class. If her words come to fruition, Kiyotaka predicts that within a year, or perhaps even half of it, she will no longer be considered the least valuable student in their class.

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