Satsuki Shinohara

Satsuki Shinohara
Original Name
篠原 さつき
Romaji Name
Shinohara Satsuki
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
June 21st
Blood Type
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Popularity # 14083
Like # 14970
Trash # 9169

Satsuki Shinohara is one of the students of Class 1-D. Satsuki has neck-length blue hair that has a pink hair-clip in the middle and bluish-pink eyes. She usually wears the female uniform consisting of a long sleeved dark red top with a blue bow at the collar, and a short white skirt with blackish blue trim at the tip. Satsuki is a friendly girl to those in her peer group but distrustful of those who aren't such as when she immediately singled out the boys as being the prime suspects of Kei Karuizawa's missing underwear. This is also seen in episode 4 when she believes Ken should've been expelled due to the trouble he caused to the class without getting to know the full picture. In the light novel, she is said by Kanji Ike to have an "ugly" personality, although this was possibly due to the arguments they shared during the island test. She is shown to be hateful toward anyone who talks negatively about her as she told Kanji to go die after overhearing him talk about how ugly she looked. Despite this, she can be a forgiving person as she thanked him when he came to her defence against a few upperclassmen who assumed she was glaring at them. As gratitude, she even bought him dinner as a token of thanks.

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