Seika Ichiji

Seika Ichiji
Original Name
伊地知 星歌
Romaji Name
Ijichi Seika
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
December 24th
166.00 cm
50.00 kg
Blood Type
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Popularity # 3159
Like # 2769
Trash # 9030

Seika Ijichi is the manager of the live house, STARRY. She is the older sister of Nijika Ijichi. Seika has long blonde hair with floating triangle-like ahoge and orange eyes. She is commonly wearing a black wide-neck shirt revealing red shoulder straps as well as a tight black choker around her neck. Seika used to be a bandsman - a guitarist herself, and her ability was such that the label talked about scouts. She sometimes hits Nijika and the members of Kessoku Band in her mouth, but in reality, she thinks of Kessoku Band more than anyone else. Although she didn't know that Bocchi was "guitarhero", she was quick to realize her talent as a guitarist. She can be quite of a tsundere at times, especially when it comes to her little sister Nijika. For example, Nijika claimed that Seika opened Starry for her, even though Seika will never admit that. Also, it was known that she always saved a spot, wanting Kessoku Band to play even though she pretended she did not want them to. She also sleeps with her soft toys despite her age. Seika is very proud, frank and serious, and can be strict and somewhat harsh on the band members, especially her sister, who calls her a jerk when annoyed by her tsundere mannerisms. Despite this, she is ultimately a kind person who has good intentions, and in the end her strict and aloof nature is, in her opinion, the way to make the band do the best they can.

orange eyes manager blonde hair choker fair skin guitarist long hair red eyes small breasts
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