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Sekhmet was the Witch of Sloth. She formally debuted in Arc 4 as a supporting character. Following her death 400 years ago, Echidna collected her soul and brought it to the Sanctuary along with the other witches. Throughout Arc 4, she and the other witches helped Subaru accept himself and change his views on Return by Death. After the arc, her soul was transferred into a crystal and she is currently travelling with Omega. Sekhmet was described as a beautiful yet languid woman in her mid-twenties with absurdly long, unkempt, purplish-red hair that went down to her toes. She was usually dressed in a sultry outfit that was primarily black and complimented her voluptuous and feminine physique rather perfectly. Her skin was described as pale, to the point one would consider it unhealthy; her face gave off an extremely debilitated and apathetic look. When Subaru first met her, he mistook her for a big ball of purplish-red fur. Her actions were way more slothful, as opposed to the Witch Cult's Sin Archbishop charged with the aforementioned sin. True to her position as the Witch of Sloth, Sekhmet's personality could be summed up in one word; lazy, which could also be seen through her appearance. She was also lazy enough that she found breathing even once to be a pain and gave off a gloomy atmosphere. As expected from her age, Sekhmet was rather mature and even philosophical at times. She usually remained neutral in arguments, however, if she deemed someone right, she always jumped on their side and assisted them as much as she could.

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