Shishuto Naruse Husbando

Shishuto Naruse
Original Name
成瀬 詩守斗
Romaji Name
Naruse Shishuto
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
Blood Type
Popularity # 28168
Like # 27386
Trash # 26779

Naruse Shisuto was introduced in chapter 102 as the "handsome protagonist" of his own story. Naruse has blue, gelled hair with bangs he can often be seen adjusting. He wears glasses and is also usually seen with his earbuds. He was first introduced wearing the school male uniform which he is most often seen in. Naruse is a person who believes that all people are his fans and the reason he is not approached is that others think he is too good for them to talk to. Believing that Komi is the only person who would be able to relate to this problem he attempts to talk to her multiple times but is foiled by Komi's fans. To him, Tadano is so ordinary that he seems invisible. Later when Naruse leaves the classroom he drops his handkerchief which Komi returns to him. This action causes Naruse to believe Komi is in love with him and asks for her number the next day. He doesn't get her number but thanks to some words from his friend Kometani he does get the number of Tadano and they become friends.

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