Shuko Murao

Shuko Murao
Original Name
村尾 修子
Romaji Name
Murao Shūko
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
November 20th
167.00 cm
49.00 kg
Blood Type
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Shuko Murao is an unfriendly "lone wolf" who has a cold exterior that drives others away and she has no trust in girls due to experiences in middle school. She has been in love with Yoichi Tanaka (Kou Tanaka's older brother) ever since her first year of high school after attending a guidance session between the two of them. Eventually, her trust in female relationships was restored after becoming friends with Futaba Yoshioka and Yuri Makita. Shuko is a fairly tall, slim and very beautiful teenage girl with straight chest-length black hair (she's often colored with darker tones in her hair, like black and purple) that is split on either side (she has been seen wearing her hair in a slicked back ponytail or two ponytails either down or right beside her face besides her hair being loose and flowing) and slender grey eyes. While in the live-action movie, she is shown with bangs. Due to her lack of friends and trust she had in people, Shuko usually kept very uninviting facial expressions and an atmosphere that causes people to keep their distance, but after gaining Futaba Yoshioka and Yuri Makita as friends, she becomes more welcoming and lively (since she has opened up, she is able to smile, cry, blush, laugh and even make funny faces around her trustworthy friends). Much like Yuri Makita, Shuko was always very quiet, because she didn't have any friends and had no trust in girls. She kept to herself and built a "wall" between her and everyone else. After meeting Tanaka-Sensei at a teacher and student meeting, he encouraged her to become more friendly. After talking to him more and learning little things about him, she fell in love with him. Although her feelings for Tanaka-sensei didn't change, her attitude towards others, especially girls, changed after meeting Futaba and Yuri. Shuko gives the two girls a lot of advice about their Kou problems due to the fact that she's the "neutral party," as well as comforts them when they're down. She's still pretty calm but way more talkative and nice around her two new friends, but can get a little irritated when Kou is giving Tanaka-Sensai a hard time.

black eyes black hair fair skin high school student student gray eyes long hair
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