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Natsuki Subaru is the main protagonist of Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu. He is a former hikikomori that was transported to Lugunica through unknown means, and given the ability to Return by Death by Satella. He officially became Emilia's knight and subsequently became a knight of the Dragon Kingdom of Lugunica (though he has no duties towards the Kingdom as the title was only granted to him so he could be given the right to officially become Emilia's knight), following the incident at the Sanctuary and is later revealed to have the necessary qualifications to become a Sage Candidate. Born and raised in the Island Nation of Japan, Natsuki Subaru is a young Asian teenage boy. Standing at a height of 173 cm (5'8"), he is a rather tall young man, with an athletic physique which he maintains both prior to and during his summoning to Lugunica. He inherited a shared mix of physical traits from both of his parents; his medium-length thick black hair bore a striking resemblance to his father as well as his face shape, while his black (brown in the anime) eyes which have small irises that made the whites of his eyes stand out, were inherited from his mother although some people find them intimidating, with the exception of some individuals who like them, namely Emilia. Just like his father, Subaru has quite an athletic build, as back in Japan, he was raised as an athlete by his father. Despite his shut-in nature later on, he nevertheless continued to train himself to maintain his physique. Subaru's main attire he wore throughout the series is his cheap, athletic-theme outfit he was summoned in. The ensemble consists of deep-grey tracksuit bottoms with an orange stripe down the side, black sneakers with vibrant orange laces and soles, and a black t-shirt. Additionally, Subaru has with it a zipped-up white tracksuit jacket with a stand up collar, deep-grey sleeves with an orange line running down their sides and orange cuffs, and deep-grey shoulders. On the left breast of the jacket is a black brand symbol that is reminiscent of the letter "N." During the events of Arc 5, Subaru's right arm and leg were infected by Capella's Black Dragon Blood, thus he wrapped a bandage around his leg to hide the wound. During his adventure in the Pleiades Watchtower in Arc 6, Subaru wore an outfit better suited for travelling. The outfit in question consisted of an orange scarf that matched the colour featured on his track suit, black trousers tucked into lighter brown boots with black lacing, a black shirt that matched the shade of his trousers, a light brown buttoned blazer worn atop the shirt that ensured that only the shirt's collar was visible, a brown belt matching the shade of the boots, and an open green jacket. He also occasionally wore a long black hooded cloak alongside the outfit. In Arc 7, Subaru was forced to cross-dress and adopt the name Natsumi Schwartz. During the bloodless siege of Guaral, Subaru wore a transparent primarily white and orange long dancer's dress adorned with ornaments and gems, and a black wig, as well as a fake chest and a large amount of make-up. Following the group's victory and the departure for Chaosflame, Subaru clad himself in a black wig and a primarily red and black military outfit with a red berretta, disguising himself as Vincent's female military advisor in order to not garner too much attention. Coupled with his fake name which he had used once in the month between Arc 2 and Arc 3, Subaru attempted to discretely alert his allies from the Kingdom, of his location in the Empire. Subaru dressed in an attire protecting him from the harsh environment of the Auguria Sand Dunes. In the Sloth What-IF story, where Subaru chose to abandon Emilia to run away with Rem, Subaru's hair was longer. Although he kept his basic messy hairstyle, Subaru now had a clump of hair tied up in a ponytail, apparently influenced by the style of Wilhelm van Astrea. Furthermore, he ditched his signature tracksuit, for a more comfortable and environment-specific dark-blue kimono and a pair of simple wooden zori. While Subaru tends to not read the situations he encounters, ultimately leading him to make irrational decisions, he is loyal to those he holds dear, willing to help them, even if that means taking the thorny path. He had his resolve confirmed through the many situations and circumstances he faces in the fantasy world, originally having been one to always take the 'easy' route. As a shut-in NEET, he was hopeful of the possibilities that being sucked into a new realm brings, but later realizes the realities of the predicament he is in. Eventually, he resolves himself to be faithful and protective of the ones that he cares most about. Beneath his eccentric demeanor, however, Subaru is actually a very insecure person suffering from a severe inferiority complex due to growing up in his father's shadow. This also caused him to develop a fundamental misunderstanding of relationships where he believed he would be abandoned if he wasn't the center-of-attention. Even his otaku-tendencies were really just another method he used to stand out. Ironically, though, these desperate attempts to connect to others only caused him to make a fool of himself and push others away. It wasn't until he was transported to Lugunica that Subaru finally met people who accept him for who he is and he began learning how to build genuine relations.

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