Tisse Garland

Tisse Garland
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Tisse Garland is one of the characters in Banished from the Hero's Party,. She is a petite girl with the sign of the 'Assassin', Tisse is a member of the Assassin's guild. She replaced the outcast Gideon in the Hero's party at the request of Ares until she quit the Heroes' Party due to Ares' betrayal and later death. She has a small spider familiar named Uge-uge(Mr crawly wawly). After the Heroes' Party disbandment when Ruti abandoned her role due to Ares' betrayal and death, Tisse became an employee to Red's Herb Shop and an adventurer (though the party was no more due to Ares' sins). Tisse is a young girl with medium long white hair. She wears a long sleeve black shirt with revealing stomach, long black stockings, short purple pants and a small purple hood. At first glance, Tisse seems to act like a typical assassin, being very emotionally withdrawn, calm in the face of danger and having no issue killing when the need arises. However, as it turns out this is in part a facade thanks to her years of training. In reality she's actually quite expressive and fully capable of fear, most especially from Ruti, who she is utterly terrified of.

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