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Waver Velvet
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United Kingdom, England
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October 3rd 1975
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Waver Velvet is the Master of Rider in the Fourth Holy Grail War of Fate/Zero. Initially a student in the Clock Tower under the tutelage of Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald before the Holy Grail War, he later attains the position of Lord, referred to as Lord El-Melloi II. Highly respected within the Clock Tower, he is the Lord of the Department of Modern Magecraft Theory and owns the El-Melloi Classroom. He is the protagonist of Lord El-Melloi II Case Files and its sequel series The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II. In the Fourth Holy Grail War, Waver was nineteen years old. Although he was a bit shorter than an average person. His body tended to be frail, because he had done nothing but study magic during his childhood, and had little time to forge his body, but he didn’t think it was a weakness. Rather, Waver had pride in polishing up his intellect. As Lord El-Melloi II, he is a man in his early thirties with long loose hair. He wore a red coat with golden ornamentations on its shoulders, and his face bore a tremendously sour expression. He is often seen smoking a cigar. In Character material, he is seen wearing an elbow sleeve shirt with Admirable Great Tactics logo on it. As an adult he bears a heavy resemblance to Eumenes, one of Iskandar's generals. Waver is often called a "spoiled brat" who is the very embodiment of a "narcissist that does not doubt he's a genius." He displays traits of cowardice, being short-tempered, and constant complaints without action. He has an inferiority-complex about his abilities as a magus and Master, and he constantly doubts himself at every turn. He forms a bond with Rider over time that begins to change him, with Rider bolstering his confidence and recognizing his traits. He praises Waver for riding into the front lines of the battle with him, he comforts Waver upon seeing Caster's victims, and remarks in his abilities as an unconventional but exceptionally talented magus, though Waver quickly refutes him. Though he often fights with Rider, he bonds with him over the course of the Holy Grail War, and he even pledges his allegiance to Rider as one of his subjects. Even Gilgamesh praises his loyalty, sparing his life because of remaining steadfast in following Rider's final orders. After becoming Lord El-Melloi II, he takes on a reputation as a famous lecturer of the Clock Tower. His involvement with Rider changed his attitude, allowing his persistent effort to lead to him being called a professor. Known as "Great Big Ben London Star”, "Professor Charisma", and "Master V". He has been even named "the number one man female students would like to sleep with", among others. He cares little about his reputation, and he would rather focus on his own success as a magus. His irritations towards it have even caused people to say that he has haunted the school with a constantly cranky look to him for several years. He is not an ambitious person, and he does not like to become personally involved with his students, having once said, "What a load of codswallop. Why should I, stuck at the fourth tier I still be, have to bloody look after other people?" He dislikes people calling him Lord El-Melloi without the "second" because it is unbearably grating without it. In his mystery-solving Lord El-Melloi II focuses on the "whydunit" (the motive of the perpetrator) instead of "whodunit" (who the perpetrator is) or "howdunit" (how the crime was committed). He states that this is because, due to magecraft being involved, a crime can be committed any number of ways even by the dead, and so trying to figure out who or how is pointless. He takes after Rider in that his sole pleasure lies in Japanese video games (often called 'visual novels'), though he has come to hate Japan and its people. He orders large batches of these games, and after playing through them fully, takes the time to diligently give detailed reviews on the games through their survey cards. Though he often receives game memorabilia through sweepstakes, he cares little for it and mostly believes that it is the proper action to relay his opinions back to the game designers even if he must pay international postage to airmail them to Japan. Much of his room is full of the memorabilia, though he also has a cabinet where he keeps the remaining piece of Rider's cloak that he used as his catalyst. He hates his apprentice Gray's face due to her identical appearance to Saber who almost killed him in the Fourth Holy Grail War, and has her wear a hood to hide it. However, the truth is that while he was initially frightened upon seeing her, his continued hatred for her face is at Gray's own request. When Gray agreed to become Lord El-Melloi II's apprentice she asked of him, "Please...keep hating my face." In the anime adaptations, he holds no such contempt for Japan or its people and even holds many in respect (such as Kairi Sisigou and Rin Tohsaka) while also yearning to witness the Holy Grail Wars again.

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