Willow Schnee

Willow Schnee
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Willow Schnee is the mother of Weiss, Winter and Whitley Schnee, as well as the estranged wife of Jacques Schnee and daughter of Nicholas Schnee. A portrait of her was first seen in "Remembrance". From Weiss' own words, it can be guessed that Willow was once a caring, loving and affectionate parent, as stated by Weiss when she immediately felt anger at the fact her husband had forgotten to attend their second daughter's tenth birthday, implying that she cared for her daughter greatly and was frustrated at her husband's lack of attentiveness to their children's emotional needs. Willow was also noted to have loved her husband during the first few years of their marriage as despite having suspicions regarding the true reason as to why Jacques married her, she still attempted to make their relationship work and stayed with him. However upon her husband angrily revealing the true reason as to why he married her and the subsequent realization of her sham marriage, Willow's mental and emotional health seemed to have greatly plummeted, with the end result of her entering into a deep state of depressive compliance in her unhappy marriage, having not bothered to do anything to better her life with Jacques and has turned a completely blind and indifferent eye towards all of his amoral actions in the SDC and has instead fallen into alcoholism to cope with her misery. In "Cordially Invited", Willow has displayed herself to possess a depressive, melancholic aura due to having long since given up on fighting back against her husband and has become content on simply standing back and turning a blind eye to his amoral actions in running the SDC and other affairs.

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