Yukino Yukinoshita

Yukino Yukinoshita
Original Name
雪ノ下 雪乃
Romaji Name
Yukinoshita Yukino
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Date of Birth
January 3rd
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Popularity # 49
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Yukino Yukinoshita is the deuteragonist of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. She is a student of Class 2J of Sobu High School and the founding president of the Service Club. She was the only member until Hachiman Hikigaya joined her. Yukino is quite popular. Hachiman, who doesn't recognize the people from his class, recognized Yukino the moment they met in the Service Club. Yukino is a beautiful teenage girl of average height and slim build. She has fair skin, long black hair that spills over her shoulders and down to her waist, and an ahoge that lays flat atop her head. Adorning her hair are two red ribbons just above each shoulder. Her most striking feature is a pair of large, piercing blue eyes. Yukino is mainly seen in her school uniform: a black blazer with a white shirt, a red ribbon tie, and a plaid skirt. With her uniform she wears black knee-length stockings that are embellished with white stripes, and is sometimes seen with a blue scarf in winter. She occasionally wears a pair of blue-light blocking glasses, given to her by Hachiman, while working on a computer. Yukino is prideful, talented and extremely smart, but has a tendency to be blunt and point out faults in other people without consideration. She believes that it is the duty of the "exceptional" (a.k.a. herself) to help the less fortunate, which Hachiman Hikigaya refers to as her twisted nobility. At the beginning she has a very cold and unfriendly demeanor, earning her the nickname of Ice Queen, although this changes with her character development as she genuinely becomes kinder and friendlier. Shizuka Hiratsuka also says that she's a very nice girl deep down, in the second episode. Her personality can be seen as exceedingly haughty to some people. Despite this, she still attempts to understand other people and is kind and compassionate in her own twisted way; she's also better than Hachiman at understanding the emotional side of other people. According to Hachiman, she is peerless in skills and personality. On a more personal level, Yukino hates to be pointed out to have a smaller chest than other female characters. She always tries to maintain an elegant and dignified appearance, which is strongly evident when she covered her laughter after Hachiman had presented his cultural festival slogan. Yukino is a competitive person, willing to win any competition officially and unofficially to prove herself. There are a number of examples of this in the series, such as when she accepted Shizuka Hiratsuka's challenge when asked if she was afraid of losing. Her main driving force is her wish to surpass her sister, going as far as doing what her sister had done in order to show that she could do it just as well. Despite all of this, Yukino's icy exterior slowly fades throughout the series, revealing her vulnerable side to those close to her. She is a big fan of Pan-san, a panda character. She even has the real manuscript of the story and its stuffed toy, which Hachiman finds surprising. Yukino also showed her "cold face" when Yumiko expressed her idea of Pan-san not being cute. She also asked her friends to be quiet in time of Pan-san bamboo fight. Her obsession for Pan-san is known by both Yui Yuigahama and Hachiman. Yukino is almost always attracted to spots were Pan-san is displayed. Despite her efforts to hide her love for Pan-san, she occasionally slips up and show the fan side of her. Yukino is also fond of cats and anything cat-related. This is shown throughout the anime series and was focused greatly in the Light novels. She even meowed with Hachiman's cat, Kamakura, causing him to ask her about it in a tone that suggested that he was dubious of her sanity. In Drama CD, it was mentioned by Haruno Yukinoshita that Yukino has a hobby of hugging her Pan-san doll and watches cat videos on her computer. Another instance was during a visit at the aquarium, where she was deeply intrigued by the catsharks due to the word "cat" being in their name. According to Hachiman, she attracts airheads (Yui and Komachi) and most boys. Even though she doesn't lie, she sometimes beats around the bush of the topics. Despite her calm and reserved demeanor, Yukino has a somewhat frightening side. Hachiman describes that she emits an "evil aura" when she is seriously angry and expressing her loathing about a certain individual. This can be seen when she expressed her opinion on chain messages senders and the belief that they should be eliminated. It should be noted that she made certain individuals like Sagawa and Shimoda expelled from during her middle school due to chain messages harassment directed to her. She even claimed that she would crush her enemies face-to-face. Another incident was when Hachiman asked her for meowing with Kamakura session. She admonished Hachiman in a way that made Hachiman felt if he spoke another word, she would kill him on the spot. At Chiba Village summer camp, she had a serious argument with Yumiko which reduced the latter to tears.The same was witnessed by Yui and Hachiman when Iroha Isshiki questions of the rumors of Hayama and Yukino. Yukino sometimes blushes in front of Hachiman, who occasionally sees her excited over little things like going to Destiny Land. In spite of all her "perfections", she is incredibly bad at directions as pointed out by Hachiman. Ultimately, despite her massive pride and her initially cold and haughty demeanor, Yukino is very kind and selfless, and has a genuinely good heart. She's a person who is always ready to help everyone in need, even the ones she doesn't know and the ones who mistreat her.

blue eyes blunt club president cold fair skin hair ribbons high school student long hair popular prideful school club student black hair
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