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Zarestia is one of the four Great Spirits, representing wind, known as the Great Spirit of Murder, who dwells at Zarestia's Bed. Zarestia is an inhumanly beautiful woman with white skin. She has a small piece of lime hair but for the most part short milky-white hair with the uneven tips of a shaggy cut along with white eyelashes, and sharp almond-shaped eyes with a bright yellow color. She wears an immaculate pure white kimono with green and black decorations and with the right side over the left, giving the impression of burial clothes, but with the skirt shortened to the mid-thigh and freely exposing her long slender legs. Zarestia is a compulsive murderer who thinks of nothing but killing, and has a constant desire to kill anything and everything. Everything leads back to murderous intent, regardless of target, mood, time, reason, or circumstance. Even when she doesn't want to kill, she wants to kill. When stripped of her Light Sphere, which contains the bulk of her power, her blood lust leaves her as well. However, she will still seek to reclaim it if separated. At her core, Zarestia is childish and temperamental despite both her apparent and actual age. She has a foul-mouthed and arrogant manner of speech, often referring to people as if they were animals. While she greatly prizes her freedom, Zarestia has been known to compromise her desires for the sake of others. She enjoys the company of others, helping them, and making them happy, as well as receiving their gratitude and praise. Zarestia has a deep trauma and hatred towards alcohol, and coming into contact with it is enough to put her into shock.

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