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August 20th, 1989
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Rance is a role-playing video-game series created, developed, and published by AliceSoft. It is the oldest continually-running erotic video-game series. The first installment, Rance – Hikari Quest –, was released in 1989, while the last main-series game, Rance X – Decisive Battle –, was released in 2018. The Rance series follows the titular character, Rance, as he saves a number of kingdoms, defeats demon invaders, and causing mischief in the in-game world, "The Continent." He has appeared in most of the main series games as the playable character, accompanied by his loyal slave, Sill Plain. The main series has nine games, while the Kichikuou Rance sub-series has five games either released as a part of the sub-series or canonically altered to be in that time-line. In addition, the first two games, Rance – Hikari Quest – and Rance Ⅱ – Rebellious Maidens –, have been retro-actively superseded by their later-released versions, Rance 01 – Hikari Quest – and Rance 02 – Rebellious Maidens –.

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