Image for the work Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver

Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver

Original Name
フェイト/プロトタイプ 蒼銀のフラグメンツ
Romaji Name
Feito/Purototaipu Sōgin no Furagumentsu


The story begins with a young Ayaka Sajyou who wakes up to a normal morning breakfast with her father and older sister, Manaka, unaware that a battle of frightening proportions has now begun in Tokyo. This battle is the Holy Grail War, the first of a series of mutual slaughters where seven Magi and seven Servants team up together to fight in a battle royale to win the Holy Grail, a mystical omnipotent wish-granting device which can grant wishes. One of the Masters participating in this fight is Ayaka's own older sister 'Manaka' who has summoned Saber (Arthur Pendragon), one of the most excellent knight classes as her Servant. As each of the Seven Masters summon their Servants and fight, more of the mysteries surrounding the Holy Grail are revealed, culminating in a epic battle that will test loyalties, forge new alliances, and makes one question, who is the real Master in this Holy Grail War?

Novel5 Episodes
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Hassan of Serenity

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Merlin (Prototype)

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Ayaka Sajyou

沙条 綾香
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Manaka Sajyou

沙条 愛歌
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